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Bali Indah Tour Holiday

Our trip this time is different because we are going to
 singaraja villageto see the sunrise dolpine.
our journey this timewe have to leave at least at 03.00am from the hotelbecause we have to get the village singaraja before sunrise, because the sunrise time many wild dolphins surfaced to play.

 supir muslim murah di bali
Lovina, Dolphins and sunrise are two rare natural phenomenon that can be enjoyed at the same time. Buleleng Lovina Beach, Bali, you can watch two beautiful natural phenomena at the same time.
With the emergence of the sunrise or sunrise in the eastern horizon, a collection of dolphins began to appear and sometimes jumping in several locations in the sea. 
To be able to see these dolphins clearly, the motor boat driver must carry his boat as close as possible to herd the dolphins.
A good time to see a herd of dolphins and sunrise or sunrise at Lovina Beach is 7:30 until 8 am local time. At that time, the dolphins surfaced to prey on small fish in the waters of Lovina Beach.

Git-git is a beautiful tourist destination in north part of Bali. Gitgit waterfall is located in the plateau area with the height about 35 meters and it is surrounded by tropical tree and emits the constantly natural water debit during the year. Waterfall voice around the charming nature was amazing and it was the separate attraction which can be enjoyed by each visitor who comes to visit.
to access this place, you will need a little energy, because you have to walk about one kilo and also go down a lot of stairs, when it rains for extra caution

Are you looking for a famouse and hidden place to enjoy a holiday in Bali ?
This time we discus the hidden hill of wana giri buleleng, located in munduk - wanagiri street - sukasade vilage,pancasari buleleng regency .
which is 115KM from karang asem tourist area.

besides the ubud area, this place also provides a swing that is not beautiful with the one in Ubud, with views from above the altitude you will see beautiful views of the lake and rice fields.if you pass this place, you should not miss it

The name of Ulun Danu Beratan Temple is taken from the lake where the temple is built at Beratan lake. The name of Beratan Lake is inseparable with the Beratan Mount as Deity and Goddess as fertility source, prosperity to keep the prosperity in life and society life. In papyrus chronicle of the Mengwi, this temple is referred as the name of Parhyangan ri pinggiring danu Beratan (sanctum located in lakeside of Beratan Lake ). Ulun is come from Hulu word meaning head or power and in this case is intended by Ulun Danu Beratan means power of Beratan Lake that is Danu Goddess.

Candi Kuning is the most Northern village in the district Baturiti, Tabanan regency, Bali
In the Yellow Temple is famous for puranya Ulun Danu. This temple is Pura Subak is disungsung by farmers, because the lake Beratan is a source of irrigation water for rice farmers. The cool weather in the area you are presented enchanting beauty Ulun Danu Beratan side by side with and enjoy craft products and cultural output Tabanan agrarian society.
in this area you will be accompanied by various types of fruits that are very interesting to try

Tanah lot comes from the land that is in the sea. This title is very fitting with a view of land lots. at the top of the rock there is a temple that is a favorite spot to enjoy a beautiful sunset bali. Tanah Lot itself has an interesting history to explore. it is said in the past there was a nobleman named Hyang Dwi Jendra king and he is highly respected residents. he became a spiritual teacher who teaches about prosperity and many of the problems that occur in the lives of everyday people.

"Tanah Lot" is a tourist attraction in Bali, Indonesia. Here there are two temples are situated on top of a large rock. One is located above the boulder and the other located on a cliff similar to the Uluwatu Temple. Pura Tanah Lot temple is part of Dang Goda. Pura Tanah Lot sea temple is a place of worship the gods guard the sea.