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Bali trekking

"Bali Trekking"
Batur Mount is the most sacred mountain on Bali . Most Often the mountain 's only sign of life is an occasional wisp of smoke that drifts across its lava - blackened slopes . But when this 1,717 - meter volcano Erupts , it glows red , bellows , and throws out rocks and showers of volcanic debris . If you arrive in Penelokan at night , you'll Awaken to an unforgettable sight . The next morning , the mist will lift from the shining lake and roll across the crater like a mammoth white and gray curtain . When the weather is clear there are also spectacular views of Mount Batur 's smoking cone.

Sitting in the middle of an old volcanic caldera basin inside a gigantic , smoldering Mount Batur rises 686 meters above Lake Batur . The crescent - shaped lake takes up about one- third of the basin 's total area . Measuring 13.8 km by 11 km , this is one of the most beautiful and Reviews largest calderas in the world . The crater 's outer walls , about 30,000 years old , range from 1,267 meters to 2,153 meters above sea level . There are actually two calderas ; the floor of one lies 120-300 meters lower than the floor of the other.