We Are Muslim Travel Agency With Profesional Crews , Affordable price , Very Good in Service , Friendly , Flexible , Helpfull & Halal

Muslim Travel Agency & Resto 

Welcome to our site, " Bali Indah Tour Holiday " is one of  many travel agencies in Bali Island that provide many Muslim drivers who are experienced, honest, kind, friendly and also helpful.
Our crews not only explain something about Bali island, but also they are actively help you find cheap restaurants that are recommended, cheap and recommended shopping places and also will be your personal photographer who helps you take pictures with your loved ones and friends.

Bali Indah Tour Holiday is one of the many travel agent companies in Bali Island that provide car rental services and also drivers, with driver drivers who are very experienced, friendly, patient, flexible and of course all of our crews are Muslim.

Bali Indah Tour Holiday have experienced in this travel agent service for approximately 15 years, so you don't need to worry about the quality of our crews.

Our crews not only bring you to see beautiful places, but also they will take you to take time to worship at the nearest mosque on your trip.

They are not forgetting too, they will recommend halal restaurant restaurants for you to enjoy typical Balinese and Indonesian food which is certainly guaranteed to be halal.

Because as we know that Bali island is an island where the majority of the population is a Hindu, so it's also quite troublesome to find a restaurant that is truly halal, but you don't need to worry, as crews we know which one is truly halal and which half is halal hehe..

To convince you more, you may visit our fan page site at 
https://www.facebook.com/chokydetha/, to see reviews of all of them who have used our services.
once again thank you for visiting our site, if there is revenue and our opportunity will be on the surface of this beautiful bali island, Inshaa Allah.